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The Acid Kuba Kuba Is A Great Cigar For Beginners


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The Acid Kuba Kuba cigar is a very aromatic and mild product. This is an ideal cigar for beginners due to its mild taste but connoisseurs who appreciate sweet dessert cigars will definitely enjoy this product by Kuba Kuba.

The Acid Kuba Kuba is made from tobacco grown in Nicaragua. The cigar is made from a blend of tobaccos that release an amazing palette of aromas. The tobacco is expertly blended and rolled to provide a consistent smoking experience.

Nicaraguan tobacco is used as a filler and as a binder for this product. The purpose is not to create a contrast between different types of tobacco but rather to create a sweet and smooth blend. There is a slight acidic taste present but it does not overpower the cigar and actually create an interesting contrast to the sweeter flavors infused in the Nicaraguan tobacco and the wrapper.

The wrapper of the Acid by Kuba Kuba is a Sumatra leaf. These leaves come from Indonesia and usually have a much more neutral and mild flavor when compared to tobacco leaves grown in the Caribbeans or South America. There is a spiciness to the Sumatra leaves but it is not prominent. The Sumatra leaf nicely compliments the sweet blend of Nicaraguan tobacco and makes the smoking experience smooth and mild.

The Acid Kuba Kuba is often presented as a cigar for beginners due to its mild and smooth taste. Advanced smokers usually prefer something with more body or with a wider range of flavors. The Acid is a simple dessert cigar that can be enjoyed by anyone. This is a great choice for someone who does not smoke often or who does not appreciate strong cigars.

The Acid Kuba Kuba is available in Robusto size. These cigars measure five inches but it is possible to find Robusto cigars that measure a little less than five inches. This is an ideal choice for beginners since Robusto cigars are slightly smaller than other products.

Kuba Kuba offers different Acid cigars besides the basic one. This could be a good way for beginners to explore a wider selection of aromas and experiences. The Acid collection includes Maduro cigars and a large selection of natural cigars. The Maduro cigars by Kuba Kuba are stronger than the basic Acid ones. The wrapper is a lot more oily and underlines the sweet flavors of the tobacco blends. This is a great dessert cigar but it might be too strong for smokers who prefer the basic Acid cigar with the Sumatra wrapper.

The price makes these cigars very accessible. It is possible to find Acid cigars by Kuba Kuba sold between $5 and $10 per unit. This price varies in function of the quantities purchased since buying cigars in bulk is usually a lot more affordable. These prices make the Acid cigar very accessible and purchasing a small quantity of these cigars just to try them would be very affordable.

The Acid cigars by Kuba Kuba might be a little too mild for connoisseurs and will not impress advanced smokers. This is a good product for beginners, occasional smokers and smokers who simply enjoy a mild and sweet smoke once in a while. There are more interesting flavor combinations available from Kuba Kuba and from other brands but this remains a good buy considering the price and the quality experience.

In the end, the Acid Kuba Kuba cigar is something every beginner should try. This is a great introduction to mild smokes and dessert cigars. The Acid cigars by Kuba Kuba could easily become a smoker’s go to cigar to relax after a meal or they could be an introduction to Sumatra wrappers and Nicaraguan tobacco blends before the smoker feels ready to try something stronger. A lot of smokers describe this product as ideal for women who enjoy cigars since there are some sweet notes and the experience is very mild compared to other cigars made with Nicaraguan tobacco. Overall, this is a great product for any occasion and even though there are more interesting cigars available, the Acid cigars by Kuba Kuba are a great choice for smokers who appreciate a smooth and mild smoke once in a while.

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