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An Affordable Piece Of Luxury


Many aren’t capable of shelling out money for luxury cigars. Yet, they still carry a love for them. Luckily, there’s a brand that’s affordable for anyone’s budget. When you want a cigar to smoke, but still want money in your wallet, try a machine made cigar. A perfect brand to go for is The Garcia y Vega Cigar Brand.

The Garcia y Vega Cigar Brand Is Widely Available

This brand has been on the market for over 200 years. Since their conception, they have spent their time gaining trust in the tobacco industry. They also have a fairly sizable clientele. People trust Garcia y vega cigars because of their continuation of good service. If a customer ever has a question, there’s always an informed representative waiting on the other end of the line.

The Price

It’s easy to pick up one of these babies for a buck. they’re often sold separately, but can be bought in packs online. A dollar’s usually what you’ll spend for a Garcia when you’re buying it ala carte from a convenience store. Not everyone can find this brand in their area. Luckily, there are plenty of online alternatives that are pretty affordable. A box of twenty goes for around $30.

The Taste

The taste of this cigar is of a classic nature. It goes into the mouth smoothly, and continues to burn evenly until it’s extinguished. Some claim to taste a hint of coffee, or even chocolate. Others claim that it’s more of an herbal experience.

This cigar seems to be perfect for those of us who are new to the cigar industry. The taste is mellow enough for a beginner. It’s important to remember that cigars are not smoked in the same way that cigarettes are. Cigars are not intended to be inhaled. Cigar smoke is supposed to linger in the mouth.

It’s Kept Fresh

People worry that the product they’re buying isn’t as fresh when they’re getting it from an online source. Of course, it has to go through the whole shipping process. This gives the product time to age. A lot of the deterioration that happens over the process of aging is due to air exposure. That’s why the manufacturers of Garcia y vega wrap their cigars tightly in foil. You’ll get a fresh experience, it doesn’t matter when it gets to you.

Perfect To Sell In A Convenience Store Or Discount Tobacco Shop

These cigars are of a high quality. they’ve also been on the market long enough to gain a loyal fan base. Knowing how loved, and affordable these cigars are, it makes since that they’d simply fly off the shelf. Many store owners find that they’re responsible for constantly restocking with these little guys. A well known, affordable brand is going to be bought out quick.

If you own, or are planning to own a discount tobacco store, this product is a must. It’s also a great addition to a convenience store. A lot of customers are looking for a closer location to purchase cigars.

Fruity Flavors Soften It Up

Many of the cigars made by the Garcia y vega cigar brand have a tinge of fruitiness to them. This may be the contributing factor to their being mild. The fruitiness of this cigar can only be really appreciate when it is savored. It’s important to let the smoke linger in your mouth. Move your tongue around and enjoy the rough, smooth sensation.

A Brand You Can Enjoy Everyday

The best part of going with an affordable cigar line is being able to enjoy them more often. If you’re spending five dollars on a cigar, it’s likely you won’t be able to enjoy a puff everyday. When you go with a more affordable brand, you get to enjoy the relaxing pastime of smoking cigars more often.

Buy Them Now

Cigar brands are constantly being discontinued. Make sure you try this brand out for it’s 200 year run is over. It may be an experience that’s well worth it. Loads of cigar fans appreciate this little guy for it’s quality at such an affordable price. Hopefully, they will be around for a long time to come.

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