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What Cigars Does President Bill Clinton Like To Smoke?



Actually, there are a lot of myths surrounding the kind of cigars that President Bill Clinton prefers. Of course, the president will forever be associated with a certain cigar scandal in some people’s minds, but that is a totally different topic, and this article only covers smoking cigars and not finding other interesting uses for them.

Does Bill Clinton Enjoy The Premium Gurkha Cigar?

It is said that Clinton does enjoy the Gurkha, also known as the Rolls Royce of Premium Cigars. The CEO of this company, Kaizad Hansotia, says that the ex-president actually loves them. The company makes HMR cigars, and HMR stands for, of course, “His Majesty’s Reserve.” According to the maker, this is the most expensive cigar in the entire world.

About HMR cigars:

* A box retails for $25,000, with the price expected to increase to $30,000 for next year
* A single is almost a grand

The company’s CEO also says that other cigar makers are always trying to copy their flavor and methods, but that the company has no true competition.

Cigars from Cuba have an almost mythical reputation, but the CEO tells people to actually compare a Gurkha to any Cuban cigar, and they will see that the Gurkha is a superior smoke in every respect. The flavor and the aroma are very unique and distinct.

However, though the CEO of the company claims that Bill Clinton loves the HMR Gurkha, it is tough to find another source to back this up. In any case, the progressive politician does not really make it public that he enjoys $1,000 cigars because that would not be good for his reputation.

Although this cannot be confirmed either, it is possible that the company sends out boxes of their fine cigars to very important people as gifts as a way to spread their reputation around. This gives the company a good reputation, but it does not mean that these famous people actually pay for their cigars, or perhaps, they don’t have to pay the retail price.

The Bill Clinton Cigar Scandal

A new source says that he got multiple press releases that claimed that the infamous cigar actually was a Gurkha. Of course, the company was happy to agree and claim the attention of being part of the history of the White House. It is possible that unseemly publicity is better than none at all.

Again, this is not likely to ever get confirmed by the people in the center of this scandal. The story is just sensational enough to get passed around if it is true or not, so there is no way the world will probably ever know the truth of the matter.

Why Do Gurkha Cigars Cost So Much?

How does this company justify a price tag of $1,000 per cigar? The company says that they take the trouble to travel the world to find the best and most exotic tobacco blends. Does anybody buy these cigars? Well, the company is known to create 20,000 boxes of cigars each year, and they also can brag of a waiting list that extends for three years in the future.

Who Buys $1,000 Cigars, Anyway?

Somebody is obviously buying these very expensive cigars. Besides the former president, there are plenty of top business executives, world leaders, and A-list celebrities that covet these famous and exclusive cigars. In fact, there is a rumor that Matthew McConaughey is a fan, and he is surely not the only one.

What Are Bill Clinton’s Favorite Cigars

It is not really known if Bill Clinton makes a habit out of smoking the Gurkha. If so, it is not known if he actually pays for them. He may get sent some by the company as a promotion, or he may get them as gifts from business people or other world leaders who want his favor.

Even though these are very nice cigars, the large price tag does seem a bit excessive, more in line with a medication that might cure a dread disease, so a lot of Bill Clinton fans would be unhappy to find that he spends money this way. The real favorite brand of the ex-president might remain a mystery.

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