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Don Tomas Dominican Cigars Boast Rich Flavors


Don Tomas Dominican Cigar is one of the top brands when it comes to making your selection among the finest of Dominican cigars. There are variations among the fillers, wrappers and binders that are used to handcraft these luxurious cigars.

For example, the Don Tomas Tubos shape cigar has a Connecticut wrapper that is a nice and delicious golden brown in color, providing you with the mild to medium smoke. These cigars have a long filler that is both Honduran and Dominican tobaccos.

Another popular favorite in the Don Tomas line of cigars is the Clasico. This is the perfect example of variation, as you have a choice with this cigar of either a Connecticut Maduro wrapper or one that is Havana Seed Natural. This cigar, like the Tubos, has both Dominican and Honduran long-filler tobaccos.

The Maduro wraper for the Don Tomas Clasico offers the smoker a more robust and heavier smoke, as well as a very sweet taste. The Havana Seed Natural wrapper is a smooth smoke, considered creamy with a sweet spice aroma.

The Don Tomas Clasico cigars, while considered a Dominican cigar of course, are actually from Honduras. This line of cigars has been a recipient of numerous awards, including the top 25 list in 2006 for Cigar Aficianado.

Aged tobacco is used for these fine cigars, and according to many reviews, they are considered to be value priced. The General Cigar Company is who makes the luxurious line of Don Tomas cigars.

The Don Tomas Clasico has been discussed, and one of the favorite shapes of this cigar is the Robusto, which features a 50 ring gauge and a length of five inches. The Don Tomas Sun Grown and the Maduro are two other popular options, and the measurements for the Robusto shape for these cigars is the same as the Clasico.

One special aspect of the Sun Grown Don Tomas Dominican cigar is that there are three fillers used, which are Mexican, Dominican and Brazilian. On the other hand, Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco fillers are what is needed to make the Clasico and Maduro cigars.

There is a Presidente size available for the Don Tomas Clasico as well. This cigar is a full 7.5 inches long, and the ring gauge is 50. The Don Tomas Cetro #2 is 6.5 inches long with a 44 ring gauge. Next up is the Don Tomas Corona Grande, which is the same length and ring gauge as the Cetro #2.

The Don Tomas Toro is another favorite shape, and it is six inches in length, while the ring gauge is 54. It’s quite the stout cigar! Next up is the Don Tomas Allegro Tube, which is just slightly shorter than the Toro at five and a half inches. It also has a slightly smaller ring gauge at the traditional 50.

The Don Tomas Robusto has the same specs as the Toro as far as length and ring gauge. Then comes the Rothschild, which is an inch shorter at four and a half inches and also a 50 ring gauge. Finally, there is the Don Tomas Clasico Coronitas, which boasts a 32 ring gauge and a length of four and a quarter inches.

For those that enjoy that bolder smoke, don’t forget about the Don Tomas Maduro, which has four shapes available. The Maduro Presidente is 7.5 inches long with a ring gauge of 50, just like the Clasico Presidente.

The next shape available is the Don Tomas Maduro Allegro Tube, which has a very dark walnut shade for the wrapper and again a ring gauge of 50 while the length is 5.5 inches. Next up is the Don Tomas Maduro Robusto, and the length and size of ring gauge are the same as the Allegro Tube. Lastly, you have the Don Tomas Maduro Rothschild, a favorite, and it is 4.5 inches with again a ring gauge of 50.

The 50 ring gauge seems to be a favorite point of reference for many of the Don Tomas luxury cigar options. Are you ready for that unique and flavorful smoke that begs your full attention for about an hour? How about that perfect drink pairing to bring out the subtle flavors? Which shape will you choose to have for dessert?


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