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Everything You Need to Know about La Gloria Cubana Cigars

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Established back in 1885, the La Gloria Cubana brand is a symbol of excellence and sophistication. Today, this name refers to two brands in the premium cigar field. One of these products is manufactured by the Cuban state-owned tobacco company (Habanos SA) and the other variety is manufactured in the Dominican Republic.

Sociedad Cabanas y Castro was the creator of the original La Gloria Cubana (which is also known affectionately as LGC). Jose F. Rocha bought the manufacturing facility in 1905. Rocha died in 1954, after which the Cifuentes family acquired ownership over the factory and the brand.

During this period, the production of LGC cigars was moved to Partagas factory. LGC cigars are still manufactured there today. It was also during the ownership of the Cifuentes family that the brand of cigars became internationally-recognized and the products started getting shipped to all parts of the world.

The production of LGC cigars stopped for some years after the revolution in Cuba. After 1965, the manufacturing of premium cigars started once again. The factory was restructured and the quantity of cigars manufactured got decreased. This decision was taken in order to keep the demand for the product high.

The Cigars
The LGC cigars are available in a vast range of sizes and varieties, enabling everyone to pick and enjoy their favorite type of Cuban tobacco.

There are both natural and maduro varieties of LGC cigars. According to some, maduro cigars are actually the most flavorful and “delicious” ones on the market. The word itself means “ripe” and the wrapper has a darker color. These come with more complexity than the natural wrapper, which is why so many cigar aficionados opt for the maduro varieties.

The current production of La Gloria Cubana consists of two handmade cigars. Since 2008, the company has frequently launched special releases on the market. Some of the special releases include Cetros, Glorias, Medailly d’Or No.1 through 4, Minutos, Sabrosos, Tainos and Tapados.

LGC cigars, regardless of the variety and the size, are recognized for their incredible balance and refinement.

Today, buyers can choose among several LGC cigar varieties.

Inmensos cigars are sold in a box of 10 and the price is approximately 180 dollars. These cigars have medium strength and robusto size. This cigar was originally released in 2010 and the quantity is limited to 10,000 boxes.

Medaille d’Or No.2 is sold in a box of 25 cigars and the cost is approximately 320 dollars. This is a medium strength cigar that has lonsdale size. It has a very deep and very rich flavor, which sets Medaille d’Or No. 2 cigars from almost everything else that the market has to offer. The cigar has a three-layered structure, which is essential for a change in the flavor during the smoking experience.

The Triunfos Swiss Regional Production 2010 variety of La Gloria Cubana cigars is probably the most exquisite and exciting variety that the market currently has to offer. Sold in boxes of 25 cigars, these have an impressive price of approximately 635 dollars. These are medium to full strength cigars and they come in a robusto size. The taste is predominantly woody and these cigars rank among the most favorite ones for connoisseurs. This variety is exclusively available for sale in Switzerland and there are 2,400 individually numbered boxes especially created for the needs of collectors.

Getting LGC Cigars
Some LGC cigar varieties, particularly the collector editions and the ones that have been discontinued, can be incredibly difficult to find. This challenging process and the quality of the product have both worked together to boost the popularity of La Gloria Cubana.

The only cigars by the company that are relatively easy to find and buy right now are Medaille d’Or No. 2 and Medaille d’Or No. 4. The adherence to the strictest industry standards and the relatively small quantities are two factors that work together to turn LGC cigars into one of the industry’s gold standards.

Figuring out what the LGC experience is like requires giving those cigars a try. Nothing could compare to the richness and the smoothness of authentic, handmade Cuban cigars. There are reasons why these have so many positive reviews and why collectors are looking high and low for the limited edition boxes.

Photo Credit: Valeria C★Preisler via Flickr.com


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