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Once you have tried smoking cigars, and experienced how wonderful they make you feel, it’s more than likely because you have actually been using a quality hand rolled cigar. There are many that are for sale.cost about a dollar that leave you wanting much more. In fact, the cheaper the cigar, especially for newbies, you may believe that there is not that much to cigar smoking, and may never develop the habit. For people that have actually experienced the true quality of a high-end cigar will likely be looking for alternatives just to add to their positive experiences. This article will look at the Boutique cigar brand, and why you should certainly consider trying out what this company has to offer.

Different Cigar Brands Available Today

In your quest for a new and better cigar to surpass the one you have used before, you will likely turn to those that are well-known, that have a large volume of advertising they can be seen on television, and on the Internet. Some of the most well-known brands including Rocky Patel, INCH, HC Series, Gurkha and Bahia are well-known to those that are searching for cigars because they have seen the advertisements year after year. They produce some of the best quality products, especially with their high-end cigars, using only the finest tobacco attainable in the world. But sometimes, the best gems are overlooked because certain companies do not do heavy advertising because they do not have the funding to do so. This does not mean that the quality of their cigars is less simply because their advertising budget is nonexistent.

Boutique Brands

When you go onto a website, one that provides you with a multitude of different brands made by companies around the world, you will likely see boutique cigar brands that are available for sale. These typically fall under the category of unfamiliar brands, ones that you have not seen because they are not advertising as often as the major players are doing every day. In the same way that beer that is advertised on television that is well-known around the world does not necessarily produce the best product, and can often be outclassed by what are called single malts or microbrews, boutique brands are just the same. They may not have the distribution, advertising budget, or the notoriety that is often found with established cigar giants in the industry. However, the flavor that they provide, and the quality of the cigars is not compromised at all, because they are truly making an outstanding product.

Reasons To Use Boutique Brands

When you do get the chance to use a boutique brand cigar, you will realize that they are all manually crafted, made by experienced individuals that understand the process of making cigars. They are not going to mass produce cigars using machines, but will create the best product possible using tobacco obtained from many different countries including the eastern United States, Cuba, Brazil, and Mexico to create unique and memorable blends. They will create cigars using the usual procedures which includes using high end tobacco for the wrapper. The interior of each cigar will have a binder and a well crafted blend of filler material that will work in conjunction with the tobacco in the wrapper to create absolutely unique flavors. The money that is often spent on advertising is actually reinvested by these companies do purchase higher grade tobaccos. Word-of-mouth advertising is what should motivate you to try them out as many people will tell you how good a certain boutique brand actually is, cluing you in on all that you are missing out on.

Family Owned Businesses

In most cases, these companies are family owned, and are in business to produce quality products. They probably grow their own tobacco, create their own blends, and process everything at a facility that has been in the family for years. Unless you actually try a boutique blend, you may never know how wonderful it is to use something that companies have been making for decades that you simply have not heard about because they do not advertise. By taking the time to research the many different boutique blends that are available in stores nationwide, you will be able to experience how exquisite these cigars are, prompting you to potentially switch brands right away to enjoy these little-known cigars that only a choice few people know about, hidden gems in the cigar industry.

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