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Farming For Tobacco In The Connecticut River Valley


Tobacco can be found from a number of places around the world, but there are certain locations that are home to some of the finest tobacco available. This is where Connecticut River Valley comes into play as a major player that has earned a lot of praise from one and all. Let’s take a glance at what farming for tobacco is all about from this location and why it is so highly regarded. Most cigar manufacturers are heading to this as their number one location because of how the tobacco is and what it offers.

Rich History

Connecticut River Valley has been producing tobacco in specific amounts since the 1600s. Yes, this is how far back the area’s history goes when it comes to the tobacco that is being produced. For as long as cigars have been around, so has the tobacco that is produced in this area. It is essential to note down this history for those who want to know for how long tobacco is going to be produced here.

The tobacco is desired because of the quality that you are able to get regardless of the quantity. It is hard to match this with other raw materials.


It always comes down to quality and that is the number one reason for farming in this location in the first place. Connecticut River Valley is deemed to produce the finest tobacco in the entire continent and is pitted against some of the other ‘hotbeds’ around the world. It is essential to note this for those who want to get the highest possible quality with regards to the tobacco that is being picked.

The tobacco is primed and pruned in a manner where it is going to yield quality every single time. The farmers have got it down to a science at this point.

Sustain Amounts

Farming in this area always comes down to the amounts that are being produced. There is certainly no point of farming in an area that is not able to produce more and more as time goes on. There are a record number of cigars being released every single year and that means it becomes even more important to have sustained amounts of quality tobacco to use. This is why value is given to sustaining higher amounts of tobacco as seen in the Connecticut River Valley. It is rife with high quality tobacco that is there for the picking.

Broadleaf Tobacco

What type of tobacco is being released onto the market? This is an important question to answer because of the amount of resources that are being put into this particular marketplace in comparison to others. Broadleaf tobacco is what gets produced here and it is produced in abundance. This is essential for those who want quality in the short and long term. This is tobacco that is designed to last and provide the kind of taste that you are after.

Those who want a specific taste to their cigars have to go with this option.

Greater Yield Every Year

Businesses get frustrated when it comes to tobacco because of the yield and how it depreciates. With the Connecticut River Valley, you are never going to see this pop up as a problem and that is important. Many manufacturers are looking at this as a resource that is able to do a lot because of the yield going upwards instead of downwards every single year. There is a lot of tobacco to go around and this ensures everyone is happy with the broadleaf tobacco that is being produced.

Connecticut River Valley is always going to be the home of high quality tobacco and that is not going to be changing anytime soon. Why is this the case? It has a lot to do with the ability for this tobacco to be linked with high quality, premium cigars in comparison to other options. As this is possible, it becomes easier to see the true value of this tobacco and all that it has to offer.

This is a location that is being built up every single year as the value of its output increases. This means higher quality cigars are also coming into the market as time goes on.

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