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The Basics Of Cigar Cutting Explained


When people think about cigars, they are often more preoccupied with the type of cigar that they are going to purchase, the tobacco that is used in the cigars, and the price of the cigars themselves. Others might be thinking about how much smoke will be produced, the amount of nicotine in each one, and what new brand they are going to try next. There are very basic things, however, that people should at least show some interest in, regardless of how minute the topic actually is. When it comes to cigar cutting, there are actually a few different ways that this can be done in order to the most out of every cigar that you smoke. This article will address how to do cigar cutting the right way so that each and every cigar that you purchase can be enjoyed to its greatest extent.

It’s All About Preparation

If you want to prepare a cigar for smoking, it usually begins with making the proper cut. You could have purchased a fine cigar, let it age for many months, or many years, but unless you cut the in the right way, you may not have the experience that you imagined would occur. A common misconception that many people have is that cigars are very similar to cigarettes. There is actually not that much to smoking a cigarette. You simply take it out of the pack, lighted up, and you are ready to go. With the cigar, the and needs to be clipped. You cannot simply light the tip and start puffing away. Every premium cigar that is sold is going to be capped, what is called a closed head, and therefore a cutter must be used before you can begin to smoke. It’s also a good idea to use something other than a BIC lighter or a paper match in order to get the fire going. You need to have a lighter that is designed for cigars that can produce enough flame and heat to get the fire burning. Let’s look at how to cut the cigar now, a very important aspect of smoking any cigar regardless of the price.

Cutting The Cigar

A person’s first experience to cutting his cigar may not be a personal one. It may actually occur by looking at an old movie, watching a cowboy take out a large knife, slicing off the end. Others will cut a V shaped notch, whereas others that are in tough guy roles will simply chew up the and and spit it out. However, these are not the best ways to get started with smoking your cigar. You want to make sure that the cut is absolutely clean. To understand why, you must realize that the airflow must be consistent, and the whole must be a certain size, especially in proportion to the diameter of the cigar itself. If the whole is too large, too much air will come in and the cigar will burn hot and fast. If it is too small, you could find yourself becoming exhausted, trying to get enough air to flow through, and the cigar will not burn hot enough in order to enjoy it. One of the more popular cuts is called a wedge cut, also called a bull’s-eye cut, which is not too deep at all. As long as the filler leaves inside are easily exposed, allowing an equal draw to occur, you will have the ability to smoke the cigar and enjoy its full flavor. If you need a measurement, 1/16 of an inch is your objective. Most people are not going to carry a around a tape measure which is why purchasing a designated cigar cutter is the best way to go. If you are doing a V shaped wedge, more surface area is going to be exposed, and it makes it easier, especially for novices, to draw smoke through the cigar very easily. Just be careful to not make it too large because too much air means excessive heat, and the cigar will simply burn too fast. If you are the type of person that choose on your cigar, wedge cuts are not recommended, but what is recommended is using a proper cutting tool.

Proper Cutting Tools

There are several to choose from including those that have a swift motion mechanism that will trim the end off like a miniature guillotine. Although some people will use sharp knives, or what are called lances to pierce the end of the cigar, a cutter is always the recommended practice. The goal is to cut as quickly as possible, with even pressure, and this is true with single bladed cutters. Double bladed cutters can cut both sides simultaneously, making sure that the wrapper of the cigar is not torn which can affect your ability to have a good experience.

Now that you know that investing in a good cutter is something that you should do, especially if you are new to cigar smoking, find one online and order it today, or go to your local cigar shop to pick one up so that you can enjoy cigar smoking at the highest level possible, making sure that your cuts are clean and the proper size.

Photo Credit: Dennis Tang via Flickr.com


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