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The Sweet Cigar Smoking Experience: Something Every Cigar Smoker Should Enjoy


Many purist cigar smokers do not like the sweetened cigars. They feel that somehow these cigars are not meeting the exacting standards of premium cigar smoking. In reality, this is much more a matter of personal preference rather than which are the better cigars.

There is a wide and diverse variety of cigar flavors available and this is one of the reasons that cigar enthusiasts enjoy their smoke. While the natural flavor of a cigar depends upon the type of tobacco used, adding or imbuing the cigar with other flavors can add an element of surprise. Just like wine or beer tasting, the various flavors are individualized to each cigar.

There is a vocabulary for tasting cigars, much like there is a certain vocabulary for tasting wine. These words describe the cigar’s undertones and overtones and evaluating a cigar is much like tasting and assessing a glass of wine.

To truly enjoy the taste of a cigar, it is important to hold the cigar smoke in the mouth for several seconds, but do not inhale. Allow the upper palate and the tongue to save the different sensations of tastes. Cigars can have a variety of tastes including spicy, peppery, harsh, salty, earthy, nutmeg, woody, roasted, cocoa, oak, cedar, nutty, leathery, fruity, and sweet. The sweet cigars are some of the most fun.

It is true that there are plenty of sweet cigars readily available for purchase at the corner convenience store or local gas station, but these are a far cry from the premium cigars which also have a mildly sweetened cap. These cigars are an excellent smoke and are among the most popular premium cigars sold today.


The Java is a long-time favorite and a wonderful dessert cigar that even the most purist cigar smoker can appreciate. These cigars are blended with a quality long filler and draw potent java flavors from the chocolaty and rich Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper. The cigar is also infused with coffee beans which provide an added kick.

Nub Café

This premium cigar is well-blended, something we have come to expect from Nub. The cigars are infused with milk chocolate and sweet milk, making then incredible dessert cigars.

Flor De Oliva Maduro

These are a bundled cigar coming in sweetened and unsweetened versions. The sweet Sumatra provides a sweetened highlight to the overall smoke. The cigars include high quality long filler tobacco produced by Oliva’s own fields and blended to perfection.

Pai Gow Churchill

Some consider this a much underrated hand rolled cigar. Still, this cigar provides a secret blend of naturally sweet Honduran tobacco as the long filler. The cap is also mildly sweetened which, when combined with the long filler, gives the smoker a sugary taste on the front end and follows with a natural sweet tobacco taste at the end.

La Fontana

This is a Davidoff cigar offering a creamy, mild smoke with just the right touch of sweetness. The construction of this cigar is incredible, burning straight and maximizing the true tobacco flavor. The cigar is wrapped in Connecticut seed wrapper and filled with the best Honduran long filler tobacco.

Isla Del Sol

This sweet cigar is produce by Drew Estate, known for imbued cigars. This one is versatile and flavorful, offering much more than a simple sweet cap. The cigar is imbued with extra sweetness, as well as coffee beans for a jolt of flavor. This cigar is perfect for an early morning smoke with your coffee, but also makes a great night cap or a mid-afternoon pick me up.

Baccarat Rothschild
These are some of the bestselling cigars in the world and their sweetened cigar is no exception to the quality Baccarat is known for. This cigar is made by the renowned Davidoff Cigar Company, so you know the quality is the best.

Maroma Dulce

This cigar is not as well-known as some of the others, but it will be. At an incredible $2 per cigar, these are the deal of the day. This is a way to enjoy a sweetened cigar experience without laying out a great deal of cash.

Those cigar purists who will not try a sweetened cigar are truly missing out on a great experience. It is not a case of one type of cigar being better than another. Sweetened cigars should not be competing with straight tobacco cigars. However, adding a touch of sweetness to a premium smoke is another way of enjoying the experience.

Ultimately, what cigar taste a smoke enjoy is a very individual preference. Each smoker is different and will prefer different tastes or amounts of sweetness. It may even be that the same cigar will taste different to different people. Some smokers may love the sweet taste, while others will not like it at all. It is really true that the ultimate judge of a cigar is the one who is smoking it.

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